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Glossário para tradutores de português e inglês com termos jurídicos, financeiros, técnicos e muito mais. Glossary for Portuguese and English translators with financial, legal and technical terminology.

The number of terms: 21,927
Pages: 1,097 (Browse)
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Last modified: 3 April 2017

Recently added

1Dismantle3 April 2017
2Budget deferrals3 April 2017
3landscape, situation, outlook, scenario, climate3 April 2017
4Admissible / inadmissible (appeal, etc.)2 April 2017
5Third-party plaintiff2 April 2017
6Third-party defendant2 April 2017
7Impleader2 April 2017
8enhancement, improvement, advance, new feature, refinement26 March 2017
9foster, support, promover26 March 2017
10Raise the bar, pursue excellence26 March 2017
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