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Glossário para tradutores de português e inglês com termos jurídicos, financeiros, técnicos e muito mais. Glossary for Portuguese and English translators with financial, legal and technical terminology.

The number of terms: 21,931
Pages: 1,097 (Browse)
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Last modified: 22 September 2017

Recently added

1Lavish22 September 2017
2Counteract22 September 2017
3Prominence30 May 2017
4Ruling, opinion, judgment, decision11 May 2017
5Dismantle3 April 2017
6Budget deferrals3 April 2017
7landscape, situation, outlook, scenario, climate3 April 2017
8Admissible / inadmissible (appeal, etc.)2 April 2017
9Third-party plaintiff2 April 2017
10Third-party defendant2 April 2017
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