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Shanghai Is Trying to Untangle the Mangled English of Chinglish –

Despite being exposed to the funnier side of translation for some time, we still enjoy the smiles that reports like this on bring……

Excerpt  “SHANGHAI — For English speakers with subpar Chinese skills, daily life in China offers a confounding array of choices. At banks, there are machines for “cash withdrawing” and “cash recycling.” The menus of local restaurants might present such delectables as “fried enema,” “monolithic tree mushroom stem squid” and a mysterious thirst-quencher known as “The Jew’s Ear Juice.”

Those who have had a bit too much monolithic tree mushroom stem squid could find themselves requiring roomier attire: extra-large sizes sometimes come in “fatso” or “lard bucket” categories. These and other fashions can be had at the clothing chain known as Scat.

Read this report from the New York Tims here: Shanghai Is Trying to Untangle the Mangled English of Chinglish –


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